Codocana project

About Codocana

Having its origins in 1975, Codocana is a farm that consists of one hectare in the Guadalupe Valley where they reproduce their quails in a closed cycle farm. It’s currently directed by zootechnist engineer Jesús Omar Perez Salceda trying to maintain eco friendly processes.

Their production includes fresh quail, fresh quail egg, smoked quail and pickled quail eggs. These products are a results of a free range style farming where they breed their quail free of antibiotics and hormones.

eCore's Solution

The objective with Codocana is to position the brand to a regional level hence having a sales increment. Identifying Codocana’s key advantages, we developed a full marketing plan directed to the end consumers that focused on branding and started with a corporate identity renovation.

In order to maximize their marketing investment, we focused on digital platforms to engage with the target market while on-site strategies where implemented. Our media team took professional photography and video to improve their graphic content. Digital platforms includes social media marketing through Facebook with content linked to the website we designed and developed and is strengthened with strategic liaisons. Additionally, one monthly campaign is added to Google and Facebook Ads.

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