El Nido project

About El Nido

The nest (El Nido) of the regional cuisine was built in August 27th of 1971 and was consolidated into a restaurant in which their visitors can experience savoring a dish “from the farm to your table”. Since then, they provide their customers with delicious dishes of Traditional and Contemporary Mexican Cuisine, made with fresh and natural ingredients from within the region having specialties of venison, lamb and quail, without forgetting the delicious seafood dishes.

‘El Nido emphasizes the use of the freshest ingredients and even eco friendly grown ones, and proposes healthier and lower-fat cooking methods. To ensure the best quality throughout the elaboration process of each dish on the menu, they use fresh raw materials brought directly from their lands, Guacatay Ranch, Codocana Farm and San Antonio Ranch.

eCore's Solution

El Nido is a very well known and successful restaurant. The objective with them was solely to create a web presence that reflected their prestige and to create a strategic liaison that strengthened the marketing plan applied for their quail farm Codocana. We developed simple and fully organic social media marketing strategies that focused on showing the restaurant’s ambiance and the experience through Facebook.  


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